Improving Your English is Free!

Post date: Nov 23, 2015 11:44:55 PM

Let’s face it, learning a language, any language, is not easy, especially as an adult learner.

Maine is very diverse! There are over 400 different language backgrounds of the ELL students in the United States and right here in York County a total of 43 languages are spoken in our K-12 public schools. What that means is there are adult family members at home who are non-native English speakers.

According to the 2000, more than 35 million adults are non-native speakers of English and in fact 9 million adults do not speak English well or at all.

What does that mean? A major barrier of the immigrant in participating fully in society is language and in 2014 President Obama stated that, “By focusing on the civic, economic, and linguistic integration of new Americans, we can help immigrants and refugees in the United States contribute fully to our economy and their communities.” Participating fully in society means many things including working and managing a family. Adults who struggle with the English language often have difficulty with either basic or intermediate communication skills which can hinder employment searches or coursework in colleges and trade schools. Adults with children in K-12 sometimes lack the language skills needed to work with teachers in understanding the needs of their children to be fully successful in the school systems.

Adult Education can help!

Currently, the Wells-Ogunquit Adult Education program offers day and evening classes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of ESL. To find out more and to register for these FREE classes, contact the office at 646-4565.